• We are specialized in industrial investments in the State of Kuwait and the Middle East since 1993, aiming at offering first-class products and services, as well as providing professional technical support and outstanding manufacturing practices. Our devotion to excellence is paralleled by our keen sense of responsibility for health, safety and the environment.

  • 2 We are specialized in industrial investments in the State of Kuwait and the Middle East since 1993, aiming at offering first-class products and services

  • 3 We are specialized in industrial investments in the State of Kuwait and the Middle East since 1993, aiming at offering first-class products and services, as well as providing professional technical support and outstanding manufacturing practices.

Nalco Champion




Al-Kout Petrochemical Products has formed a strategic alliance with Nalco Champion, the global leader in Oilfield specialty chemicals, supplying a wide range of chemical applications, and offering innovative and environmentally acceptable solutions to tackle the toughest Oil & Gas production challenges. Our customers rely on us to streamline their process, extend the assets lifetime and enhance productivity .


We are continuing to build on that legacy by expanding our ability to develop unique, targeted products and solutions to meet customer needs and optimize Oil & Gas production in Kuwait. Considering the ever-growing oilfields, it was essential to establish a local manufacturing base, to mitigate supply chain challenges and provide affordable, efficient, and superior services to Kuwait customers.


Hence, Al-Kout Petrochemical Products plant was qualified by Kuwait Oil Company as an approved manufacturer for all categories of Specialty Chemicals, in technical collaboration with Nalco Champion, leveraging on the local capabilities and infrastructure, as well as the global Nalco Champion support functions, including 13 R&D Technology centers.


Al-Kout Petrochemical Products plant is ISO certified under; ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001. The products supplied by Al-Kout Petrochemical Products, in collaboration with Nalco Champion, include but not limited to the following:

Scale Inhibitors


Scale is often defined as deposits of insoluble inorganic minerals. Common oilfield scales include calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, and metal sulfides.


Where there is water, there is the potential for mineral scale formation. In the oilfield,
mineral sources, including calcium carbonate and sulfates of barium, calcium and strontium, can lead to scale formation that creates flow assurance challenges for operators from the near wellbore through production tubing and topside processing equipment.


While calcium carbonate scales deposition depends partially on pH and pressure, scale deposits generally occur when waters from different sources with different ion contents are mixed. The resulting deposits can quickly block tubulars and stop production. In many cases, scale deposits can be dissolved, but for some scales (calcium fluoride in particular) mechanical scale removal is the only remedy.


Mitigation and prevention programs, including scale squeeze treatments and continuous
chemical injection are critical for sustained oil and gas production. These programs can be improved through effective monitoring.

Corrosion Inhibitors


The production of oil and gas is mostly accompanied with water, either from the formation, condensation effect, or from water injected as a lift assist. Acid gases, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are often present in produced fluids, and oxygen is sometimes a contaminant in the water used for injection. These acid gases increase the corrosivity of the waters to steel and can significantly impact the safe operating life time of production tubulars, equipment, vessels, and transportation systems.


The control of corrosion in the oilfield can be a complex problem requiring detailed analysis and a thorough understanding of the range of conditions expected during the life of the system prior to the development of a corrosion management plan.


Size alone can’t solve the challenges operators face in the field. But through unmatched RD&E resources we realize the insights that yield meaningful, quantifiable value to a full range of oil and gas systems throughout the world.


Nalco Champion industry-leading team, including dedicated PhD-holding synthetic organic chemists, specializes in molecular designs that result in superior corrosion inhibition. Working in close partnership with our customers, we evaluate field performance under aggressive conditions, and support development in labs equipped to simulate the energy life cycle’s toughest challenges.


For more than 50 years, we have helped oil and gas operators make smart decisions about corrosion control. Our solutions protect your assets and help you create better outcomes.



With some of today’s most critical oil and gas processes dependent on fluids, microorganism growth is simply a fact of life. Through practices like drilling, hydraulic fracturing, stimulation and water flooding, reservoirs are introduced to many kinds of organic materials. As a result, microbial growth can form and
potentially lead to asset integrity problems.


We bring together a full suite of tools and expertise to the field to identify and control microbial risks. Our combined, dedicated staff and world-class technologies incorporate field experience and unique assessment and monitoring tools that are unmatched by our competitors.


When it comes to microbial control, the best solution starts with understanding possible challenges. We utilize the most advanced technology available—coupled with our industry leading scientists—to help you get a clear view of what’s going on downhole and avoid the pitfalls and inaccuracies of other monitoring methods on the market.


Common technologies today carry some hefty limitations. Culture-dependent methods require lengthy incubation times for results and often significantly underestimate the microbial threat.


We overcome these common challenges with the application of our unique assessment and monitoring tools. To assist you in making the right decision, we deliver complete information for your specific asset. Our world-class technical capabilities help us determine the right solution for you.


At Nalco Champion, we know our tailored chemistries are only as good as the results they create. That’s why we identify key performance indicators (KPIs) at the outset of every project. By establishing baselines for H2S, MIC and fouling, we’re able to not only ensure that you have the right solution to these common issues—but that it’s the most optimized and cost-effective solution over the long-term.




Oilfield emulsions are stable mixtures of immiscible components formed when produced water mixed intimately with produced crude is stabilized by naturally occurring emulsifiers and other produced sediments. The mixing takes place as a two-phase produced fluid passes through a choke or valve, or any other component that commingles the two liquid phases, (usually with high shear).


Naturally occurring emulsifiers prevent droplets of the dispersed phase (usually water in an oilfield emulsion) from coalescing into a continuous phase. Some emulsions will break on standing, while others are quite stable and will remain as an emulsion indefinitely.


As no two emulsions are alike, emulsion breaking can be a very complex task. Even emulsions from a single source can vary over time. The result is that emulsion breakers (or demulsifiers) must be selected and even formulated on a case-by-case basis – usually in the field. While previous experience is certainly a critical success factor, and emulsion breakers that have worked in one location might be effective in another, ultimately each emulsion is unique and must be broken empirically.


Our experienced field engineers can help you determine the applicability and impact of utilizing Demulsifiers to boost the performance of your operations.


In addition, a wide variety of products can be supplied such as; Oxygen Scavengers, Reverse Demulsifiers, Emulsion Viscosity Reducers, Gas Corrosion Inhibitors, Dual Scale/Corrosion Inhibitors, Anti foams, FeS Dissolvers…etc. to meet specific requirements in the field.