Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Chlor Alkali products are used in various manufacturing industries such as paper, plastic, textiles, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, medical equipment, paints, soap & detergent, metal processing, etc.


Chlorine is mainly used for disinfection. It also has wide applications in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, paper, fertilizer, paint, and textile industries.


Caustic Soda is generally used for chemical manufacturing and oil refining, and it is also widely used in the soap and detergent, metal processing, and food production industries.
Salt is mainly used in food industries; however, it also has other applications in the oil sector for drilling, in addition to being useful for the pulp and paper industry, textiles, dyes & intermediates, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Hydrogen is an essential part of many chemical processes. Hydrogen gas is used in the processing of petroleum products, and it is also used in the fertilizer and paint industries. It is also used to manufacture hydrogenated vegetable oils such as butter, margarine, etc. Hydrogen is commonly used in power stations as a coolant in generators due to a number of favorable properties that are a direct result of its light diatomic molecules.


Hydrochloric Acid is mainly used in the production of organic compounds such as dichloroethane and vinyl chloride for PVC and in oil fields. Other applications are in the metal and steel industries, production of cleaning chemicals, pH control, regeneration of ion exchange resins, etc.


Sodium Hypochlorite is used mainly for the production of disinfection chemicals. Other applications are in the agricultural, chemical, paint and lime, food, glass, paper, pharmaceutical, synthetics, and textile industries.