As a local leader in the field of petrochemicals, and as an organization that must be conscious of the societal and environmental impact we can have, Al-Kout believes it has a responsibility to give back to our employees and the community in which we operate.
Over the years, Al-Kout has sponsored, funded, or otherwise supported various initiatives which aim to have a positive impact on Kuwaiti society. At Al-Kout, we believe it is important to invest in our people and give back to our community. After all, our local society is the foundation on which our success and prosperity is built.
Over the years, Al-Kout has been responsible for the following initiatives:

  • Social activities such as blood donation campaigns.
  • “Green Day” campaigns where information about the importance of environmental conservation and protection is shared with staff.
  • Recycling campaigns.
  • Partnering with local bodies such as the Kuwait Environment Public Authority to create awareness in Kuwaiti society about the importance of environmental protection.
  • Air quality monitoring campaigns.
  • Noise level monitoring campaigns within various facilities to ensure the health of our employees is upheld.
  • Training and development programs for employees in order to develop skillsets within the company.