Safewater Chemicals was acquired in 2011 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Al-Kout Industrial Projects Company. The company is integrated into the heart of Abu Dhabi Industrial City and is the only manufacturer of essential Chlor-Alkali products in the UAE. The Safewater Chemicals facility consists of a state-of-the-art Chlor-Alkali production unit that utilizes an environmentally-sound membrane technology to further serve the demands of our regional markets.
Safewater Chemicals produces a range of high-grade basic chemicals, including Caustic Soda (liquid), Hydrochloric Acid, and Sodium Hypochlorite to responsibly serve the growing needs of the UAE and the entire MENA region. Safewater Chemicals is committed to creating and delivering consistent value to its customers as well as to contributing to the economic diversification of the UAE.

Safewater Chemicals L.L.C.
P.O. Box 47467, Abu Dhabi, UAE Tel.: +971 25500180, Fax: +971 2 5500187
Email: sales@safewaterchemicals.ae | Website: www.safewaterchemicals.ae



Al-Kout Petrochemical Products blends a wide range of Oilfield specialty chemicals which are used to enhance and sustain the efficient production of petroleum as well as some water treatment chemicals. The product range includes biocides, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, demulsifiers, oxygen and H2S scavengers, antifoam, coagulants, flocculants, etc.
With a strong track record of success with the Oil and Water Treatment Industries in the Middle East, along with several partnerships with internationally renowned Specialty Chemicals manufacturers and suppliers including NALCO Campion Technologies (an Ecolab Company), APP is well positioned to serve any industry-specific need.



Al-Kout Logistics and Transport Company (ALTC) is a fully owned subsidiary of Al-Kout Industrial Projects Company. ALTC is an international logistics and freight forwarding company that offers land, sea and air transportation, as well as customs clearance services. ALTC’s specialty is in the safe, reliable and prompt transportation of hazardous materials across the MENA region.
Safety is of the utmost importance for ALTC. Drivers are tested and trained regularly to guarantee full compliance with all safety policies and procedures. ALTC maintains its own garage for maintenance, and our fleet is subjected to testing every 3 to 6 months to ensure continuously safe and prompt deliveries.
ALTC is comprised of a fleet of more than 50 newly acquired trucks which utilize liquid tankers, flatbeds, box beds and container carriers. Specialized tankers with magnetic pumps and computerized filling systems for shorter and safer offload times are also utilized. Our export vehicles are equipped with the “FleetBoard” management system and Daimler’s global tracking systems. ALTC is able to deliver on our commitment to our clients by utilizing a strong network of well-established, high-quality freight agents around the world.



Mawad United Materials Company (UMC) owns and manages businesses specializing in the distribution of industrial materials and equipment including CISCO Trading and SETCO. With operations in Kuwait, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, we serve more than 300 customers throughout the Gulf region. Our subsidiaries are independently operated, each with a distinct mission and business model. Mawad offer an expansive catalog of integrated products and services, including Chemicals, Fluid Control, Water & Wastewater Treatment and Solid Waste Management.

Mawad United Materials Co.
Jassim Tower, 11th Floor, Al-Soor Street, Kuwait Tel: +965 22960120, Fax: +965 22960330
Email: contact@mawad.com.kw | Website: www.mawad.com.kw



Safwan Environmental & Chemical Technologies Co. (SETCO) is a leading supplier of products and services for applications in water and wastewater treatment as well as solid waste operations ever since 1992. The company also distributes specialty chemicals for industrial applications, as well as building products for the construction sector.
We serve the major sectors of economic activity in Kuwait: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Contracting, Municipal Utility Plants and Commercial Facilities. Our products and services are delivered to customers through three business units.
SETCO is a privately owned limited liability company; in business for over twenty years, we have accumulated the prerequisite knowledge and experience to qualify as a market leader. Quality, availability, reliability and professional conduct are the cornerstones of our operating strategy.
Our commitment to the market rests on a solid foundation of investments in the resources that make it possible for us to compete, perform, and meet expectations. The keywords that best define the nature of our business are Water, Wastewater, Chemicals, Solid Waste, Distribution, Delivery, Installation, Service and Maintenance.

Safwan Environmental and Chemicals Technologies Co. (SETCO)
Jassim Tower, 11th Floor, Al-Soor Street, Kuwait Tel: +965 22960120, Fax: +965 22960330
Email: setco@setco.com.kw | Website: www.setco.com.kw



As a provider of chemicals and industrial products since 1966, CISCO has been at the forefront of the ever-evolving chemicals market in Kuwait for decades. Throughout our long history, we have served the interests of chemical producers and end-users with an efficient marketing and distribution model. When it comes to Chemicals and Fluid Control Products, our customers and suppliers know that they can depend on us.
Whether it is Basics or Specialties, Organics or In-organics, CISCO supplies chemicals for almost every industry segment and application. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of product groups ranging from solvents to corrosion inhibitors, adhesives to dyes and enamels, and dispersants to deflocculants. The market has come to rely on us to fill the majority of their chemical requirements. We deliver liquids and solids in a variety of packing formats including drums, bags, pails and IBC’s.
Parallel to our chemical distribution business, CISCO also markets high quality Fluid Control products, such as submersible pumps and a variety of valves. Our network of suppliers and principals was built over many years. Today, CISCO’s value to customers is derived from a worldwide base of quality products, competitive prices and reliable logistics.

CISCO Trading
Jassim Tower, 11th Floor, Al Soor Street, Kuwait City  Tel: +965 2296 0200, Fax: +965 2296 0125
Email: contact@ciscotrading.com | Website: www.ciscotrading.com