Sodium chloride Food Grade Salt is produced directly from raw seawater through a state-of-the-art technology called Electro Dialysis, which is a membrane process. The material is then subjected to further evaporation/crystallization processes.
Sodium chloride is the main raw material for the manufacture of the Chlor-Alkali products, and Al-Kout is home to a facility that produces iodized grade salt for the food industry. The purity of Al-Kout’s Food Grade Salt is extremely high, making it a preferred source for the food industry. Al-Kout’s food grade quality and industrial-utility materials are delivered to customers in bulk.
Please refer to the attached Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for more detailed information regarding the use, storage and safe handling of this product.




  • Pulp and paper industry: For pulping and neutralization, washing and bleaching, and for the processing of waste paper.
  • Textiles: Leather tanning, for the finishing of wool and cotton, for dyeing and bleaching, and for the deacidification in the production of spun rayon.
  • Waste and water treatment.
  • Petroleum additives.
  • Dyes and intermediates.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Salt provides the life-essential nutrients sodium and chlorine, which help regulate and have an impact on many body and hormonal systems. In some medical conditions, the ingestion of these nutrients is crucial for the restoration of electrolyte balance in the body. Salt is also used as an ingredient in pharmaceutical products.
  • Sodium chloride is the most widely used de-icing agent in Europe and throughout the world due to its huge advantages over the alternatives. It is not only widely naturally occurring and easy to store and apply, hence the least expensive, but it also has the least environmental impact when used properly.
  • Animals also require salt to keep them healthy. The appropriate salt intake ensures their growth and strong immune and reproductive systems. Often agricultural animals and commercial livestock do not receive enough salt from foraging and other feeds, and for that reason it is necessary to supplement their diet with salt.


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